G2 Web Services, a Verisk Business, provides merchant risk intelligence solutions for acquirers, commercial banks and their value chain partners, representing close to 60% of global merchant outlets. Only G2 Web Services has the experience, data and skills to provide customers with comprehensive solutions that transform the way they manage and monitor merchant and business risk. Our platform has been built through over a decade of partnership with acquiring banks around the world and the major U.S. card networks, and uses advanced technologies combined with expert analysts to deliver value to our customers worldwide. On August 3, 2017, Verisk Analytics acquired G2 Web Services, which will become part of the Argus business.

G2 Web Services uses the most advanced technologies to provide superior risk management solutions for our customers around the world. The foundation of our solutions is the G2 Merchant Risk Platform, which combines web crawling, processing, classification, and modeling to provide the most comprehensive view of merchant risk available on the market today.

We are the only provider with a portal interface for our clients, allowing for ease of data entry and report access. Our solutions are flexible and easy to set up with no integration required, relieving the burden from your IT staff. We also offer integration via API into your internal systems for a streamlined approach.

G2 Web Services has gathered over a decade of merchant-specific data which is incorporated in the G2 Merchant Map, the industry’s most extensive fraud and compliance database. G2 data scientists built the Merchant Map by monitoring millions of merchants and their risk history, and mapping their relationships. The Merchant Map offers current and historical merchant relationships, merchant risk history and insight into merchant behaviors that no one else can provide. It helps power G2 Web Services’ custom due diligence, compliance and fraud detection solutions.

With advances in technology and data science, we can now crawl and classify websites in real-time and use these classification predictions to help our clients make fast and smart merchant onboarding decisions.

To deliver the most comprehensive view of portfolio risk, we combine our proprietary historical data — information such as past fraud and content violations, and connections between individuals and businesses — with public data such as blacklists, whitelists and reputation information. We then use predictive modeling through data science to predict the likelihood that the business you are trying to onboard will commit a compliance violation or fraud, with 99% accuracy.

It’s a view of your risk profile that no one else in the marketplace can provide today, and goes deeper than credit reports or transaction monitoring to provide the level of business information needed to truly assess the risk of doing business with a particular company.

Our ability to provide comprehensive risk management solutions for our clients hinges on the expertise of our analysts and data science professionals. G2 Web Services employs dozens of highly skilled analysts with over 150 years of combined violation and fraud experience. This includes years of experience analyzing compliance violations including illegal drugs, adult content, gambling, tobacco and pharmaceuticals.  One third of our analyst team has over four years of tenure with the company, which helps provide a consistent experience for our clients.

Also, the data science professionals within our G2 Labs apply their experience from HP, Microsoft and Whitepages to develop modeling and predictive analytics that is used to constantly hone the accuracy of our due diligence and compliance solutions.

G2 Web Services’ global partnerships are integral to our solution offerings. Over the past 13 years, we have worked with global acquiring banks, the leading global card networks, international associations and hundreds of payments value chain players to develop the proprietary data that powers our solutions.

In addition, we work with over 300 clients worldwide to develop customized solutions that help them understand their portfolio risk, and assume more positive risk to drive business growth. Our partnerships have helped G2 gain a unique position in the industry, which in turn benefits our clients on a daily basis.

Over the past 13 years, G2 Web Services has monitored millions of merchant websites on a global basis and has created billions of data points to make connections between merchants that are not available elsewhere. G2 has the proprietary ability to find hidden connections between businesses — and between businesses and individuals — which provides deep insight into a merchant or business’ risk profile.

The scale and reach across the globe give us a unique position that is unmatched by other risk management solution providers. Our ability to reveal critical risk factors such as undisclosed businesses, connections to fraud rings, reputation risks and deceptive business practices provides ongoing value to our clients around the world.

Our solutions address the most important areas of risk mitigation, including due diligence, compliance, transaction laundering and fraud mitigation. G2 delivers ongoing value to acquirers, PSPs, ISOs and commercial banks. Our solutions ensure that every client can successfully mitigate risks resulting from shifting industry trends, emerging players and other risk factors.

We help our acquiring clients save on compliance costs by avoiding card network assessments and by increasing the efficiency of in-house compliance departments. Similarly, we help our commercial bank clients find hidden risks in their business customer and third party portfolios. With our proprietary data, on-demand risk assessment scoring and ongoing monitoring solutions, we provide our clients with a comprehensive view of their portfolio risk, both at onboarding and beyond.

G2 Web Services is a Verisk Business
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