Within the first month of using G2’s Transaction Laundering Detection service, they identified multiple violators in our portfolio. We were able to terminate these merchants and avoid costly fines. G2 has been tracking violators all over the world for over a decade. iPayment considered multiple vendors, but we chose G2 Web Services because they had the most comprehensive approach to detecting transaction laundering.

Marcus Smith, iPayment SVP, Risk Management

G2 contacted us after they had [discovered] non-compliant sites located in the UK. We were able to use this data to link these to merchants on our portfolio who had registered a compliant URL at the point of approval. After further investigation, we were successfully able to identify further links from our merchants to these non-compliant sites and take the required action to remove this risk from our portfolio.

Global Payments

G2 gives QualPay line-of-sight to unknown, illicit businesses attempting to use legitimate merchant accounts. We are confident our merchant base will be kept clear of transaction laundering to the fullest extent possible.

Stephen Prince, EVP of Operations, QualPay

UMS Banking has been using G2 since 2007. It is not only useful, but is an integral part of our Risk Monitoring system and compliments the processes we put in place through the TPPPA Compliance Management System (CMS). Their new reputational risk, persistent monitoring and risk console allows us to automate a manually intensive job into a ‘click and review’ process that is far more efficient and robust, giving us the data analytics we require for proper oversight of our portfolio in a timely manner.

Joyce Gaines, CEP, UMS Banking

G2 offers us the most comprehensive approach available to finding hidden transaction laundering. They help us ensure our merchants are free of concealed activity, including hidden players trying to infringe on legitimate accounts.

Dante Croupe, VP of Risk Management, i3 Verticals

MeritCard selected G2 because they provide the best suite of services so we can detect and eliminate transaction laundering. Having worked with G2 for five years, we trust them to continually provide us the most advanced solutions.

Blake Martensen, Principal, MeritCard

G2 has historically given JetPay Payment Services a strong solution to the merchant risk review when it comes to monitoring, processing, classification and modeling. We expect a clear line-of-sight to illicit businesses attempting to use legitimate merchant accounts through G2’s new transaction laundering product. We are confident our merchant base will be kept clear of transaction laundering to the fullest extent possible.

Jeff Beene, SVP of Risk Management, JetPay Payment Services

G2 Merchant Risk Summit Testimonials

Paul Ashes

Payment Fraud & Risk Manager

“…an excellent opportunity to mix and network with risk professionals who are able to share new and emerging threats/risks.”

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Jacqueline Hart

Senior Risk Officer
Global Connect

“That’s a great thing about G2… It’s been very, very open, to suggestions, comments, making things better. I feel like G2 always cares…”

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Dagmar Bjornsdottir

Senior Manager

“G2 cares about us. If there’s something we need, we just have to make a call…”

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Darran Jennison

Risk Management

“We use G2 as a part of layered approach in relation to managing risk. I value the human element within G2… very approachable.”

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Nicole Campbell

Risk Manager
B+S Card Service

“The workshops are always a good place to get tips and tricks to help better use all the good information G2 provides us…”

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Simone Aurighi

Credit and Risk Manager
European Merchant Services

“Thanks to G2, we are able to pick up on issues much, much quicker. [Being able to] tap into all this knowledge and know-how, its irreplaceable.”

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Tom Dailey

Board of Directors

“By combining G2 with our own internal practices, we are more effective at identifying potential fraud and preventing it before it happens.”

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Ben Koopmanschap

Risk Management
PaySquare BV

“The atmosphere [at G2] relies heavily on personal interaction/relationships. Because of the sensitivity of the subjects, trust is of vital importance…

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Peter Cohen

Manager of Compliance
World Pay

“We use the G2 PMM tool. We have our monthly report that we review and it’s very helpful to detect any possible compliance or fraud-related issues…”

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Cathy Beardsley


“I’ve been able to grow my company almost 40% and maintain my existing risk staff by leveraging all the services that G2 offers.”

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Michael Franken

General Manager

“There was one thing we needed and required, and G2 had the solution… They see trends… [and are] very close to the market, very close to us.”

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