A Powerful Alliance in the Fight Against Transaction Laundering

Datafusion™ is a collaborative integration program between G2 Web Services and Aperia that maps fraudulent networks and fights transaction laundering.


Datafusion™ utilizes G2’s crawling efforts and merchant history combined with Aperia’s transaction data. The solution is available to acquirers utilizing both G2 Transaction Laundering Detection and Aperia’s VisionWeb® Fraud Management tools. This means you find test transactions more rapidly, uncover laundering networks more extensively and understand telltale data points so you disrupt transaction laundering hidden among your merchants with less burden on your teams. Download an overview of Datafusion™.


The future of fraud protection will depend on collaboration. Datafusion™ is another way that G2 and Aperia are innovating together to strengthen the fight against transaction laundering. A recent fraud network map started with a single Datafusion™ lead and through the process exposed twenty-two different front merchants and twenty-eight front sites.


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