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Human Investigation and Automation 

E-Commerce Evolves: What Do Online Marketplaces Mean for Acquirers

Transaction Laundering: Real Life Launderers

An Online Steroid Ring

Transaction Laundering: The “Spice” Syndicate


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G2 Marketplace Monitoring

G2 Persistent Merchant Monitoring

G2 DataFusion™ Overview

G2 Transaction Laundering Detection



Transaction Laundering Incorporated: The Business Behind the Fraud

transaction laundering


G2 Drug Watch list | Version 2.1


Merchant Outlet Check


A Year in Review



Common Methods of Transaction Laundering



Monitoring Best Practices — Taking on Risk Safely



When to File a SAR



How One Payment Facilitator Reduced Unauthorized Transaction Laundering by 97%

PF Reduced TL by 97%


White Papers

Threats Grow with Rising Online Drug Sales

An Organizational Framework for Transaction Laundering Detection

The Acquirer’s Guide to Safer, More Profitable Commerce

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