With many different sources of negative news, and various methods for consumers to submit complaints, it is difficult to get a good read on your business customer’s reputation.


G2 Reputation Monitoring allows you to make more timely decisions about whether or not a business customer requires further investigation, based on thousands of sources of consumer complaints and adverse media. Use Reputation Monitoring at onboarding and during portfolio reviews to monitor for declining reputation.

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G2 Reputation Monitoring includes:

G2 Negative News and Watch Lists, which gives you access to:

  • The most comprehensive database of negative news derived from over 100,000 unique sources in 240 countries. Negative news includes notifications of incidents of money laundering, terrorism, bribery, denied entity, fraud, SEC violations, regulatory actions, business crimes and misconduct.
  • Over 400 sources of watch lists, sanction lists and PEPs to help identify suspicious business customers and keep them out of your portfolio.

G2 Complaints Monitoring, which checks your portfolio against multiple industry leading databases, including the Better Business Bureau, CFPB Consumer Complaints database, Ripoff report and other leading online complaint sources. It provides results in a consolidated report, with recommendations on which business customers to investigate further. Complaints Monitoring also monitors for reputation risk on a continuous basis, providing timely updates on customers that may suddenly change business models and expose your financial institution to additional risk.

With G2 Reputation Monitoring you can:

Get a comprehensive view of reputation risk

Obtain a thorough view of business customer reputation risk, based on multiple industry-leading sources. Access over 100,000 sources of adverse news, fraud warnings, disciplinary actions and more. Get an aggregated view of consumer complaints and pinpoint customers that need further review.

Screen for suspicious business customers

Keep suspicious business customers out of your portfolio by screening them at onboarding using 600+ sources of sanctions lists, watch lists and PEPs.

Receive periodic updates

Receive an aggregated report of risk events about their business customers along with expert analyst reviews, based upon your desired frequency. Use this information to ensure that your business customers continue to fit your risk profile.

Scale your KYC program

Monitor for additional risk factors without the need for additional personnel. Remove manual processes currently used to monitor your portfolio for reputational issues. Optimize your resources by focusing on business customers most in need of further investigation.

Take a risk-based approach

Monitor your high-risk customers more frequently, and take action before experiencing a financial loss.

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The more information we have about a customer, the better we can manage the risk. Clients’ businesses change over time and having a proactive solution that provides updates and negative news information is helpful to stay ahead of changes in customer’s risk. It also streamlines our current EDD process where some customers are required to go through full EDD review annually.

Bank with over $20B in assets

Monitoring consumer complaints is top of mind right now. We know regulators are watching consumer complaints and we wanted to do more, but we didn’t have the resources to manually check important complaint data sources. We implemented G2’s Complaints Monitoring program, which automated a lot of the work we were doing manually, including checking the Better Business Bureau, Ripoff report and the CFPB. We now can easily identify complaint trends for our customers and periodically spot check our portfolio to identify risky, and potentially brand damaging, behavior.

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