The G2 KYC Compass Score provides a risk check for your business customers based on the G2 Business Data Map™ — a database with over 13 years of proprietary risk and compliance data, including business customer compliance history, sales of illegal goods, previous account history and more.The KYC Compass Score can be easily integrated into your existing workflow for customer onboarding and during periodic reviews.

Compass Score

The G2 KYC Compass Score includes:

Red/yellow/green indicators that allow you to quickly pinpoint customers that may require EDD.

Reason codes explaining the risk factors behind the score, so you can decide if those factors are of concern to your organization.

A report with additional details on violation history, links to other violating sites, G2 monitoring history and more.

With G2 KYC Compass Score you can:

Quickly identify high-risk customers

With the easy to read G2 KYC Compass Score, you can quickly pinpoint customers that may require EDD. Reason codes reveal the risk factors that influence each business customer’s score, allowing you to make decisions based on your organization’s risk profile.

Improve the efficiency of your BSA/AML program

The G2 KYC Compass Score helps to automate your EDD process by highlighting business customers that may require additional screening. Save time and focus on the business customers most in need of further investigation.

Develop a risk-based approach

Use the G2 KYC Compass Score to help segment customers into tiers based on their risk level.

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