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19 Apr

Preventing Affiliate Fraud: A Process for Processors

Affiliate marketing is on the rise as merchants seek new methods and better tools to improve their marketing reach, broaden brand exposure and increase overall revenue. In order to stand out from a multitude of competing online marketplaces, affiliate programs can offer…

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05 Apr

Transaction Launderers Prey on Disconnected Acquirers

Eradicating transaction laundering from your portfolio is a group effort. Disconnected teams will not suffice. A well trained risk management organization, working cohesively, will be best prepared when violators strike. To defeat savvy fraud rings, today’s risk professionals need to…

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15 Mar
02 Mar

Illegal Drugs and Pharma: The Kingpins of New Risk

Gone are the days of shady dealings on the dark street corner. The new millennium welcomed drug sales to our computer screens, making anything and everything available at the click of a button. Street drugs and prohibited pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals of all types can now be acquired…

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24 Nov

The Spice Syndicate: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

A food ingredients company selling spices and other food products was onboarded by an acquirer. It utilized a simple, but effective, web design that merchandised peppers, confections, rare seasonings and other culinary items. Prices were high, but not unreasonable. At first glance it seemed to be just another new…

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09 Jul

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