Transaction laundering has quickly evolved into one of the payment industry’s most prominent and most difficult problems. Transaction laundering — also previously known as “undisclosed aggregation” or “factoring” — occurs when a merchant processes unknown transactions on behalf of another business. This hidden business is often engaged in prohibited activities, and the “front” merchant may either be colluding or exploited by this violating business.


With so many ways for a payment to enter the system, and therefore many ways for a transaction to be laundered, there is no one approach that is sufficient in identifying this complex problem.

Make the connections. Find the launderers.

G2 Web Services employs a layered solution designed specifically to keep launderers out of your portfolio. The G2 Merchant Map® contains 11+ years of data on merchants and fraudsters from the largest global community of acquirers, giving G2 Web Services the most complete view in the payments industry.


Extensive data: Catch past violators before they strike again. Gain early notice of global risks before they appear in your region.


Advanced technology: Don’t let fraud slow you down. Eliminate methods, not just perpetrators.


Streamline processes: See all of your merchant risk in one place. Require minimal IT support.

With Transaction Laundering Detection you gain:

Layered portfolio protection

TLD provides payment facilitators, acquirers, ISOs and PSPs a multi-layered “defense in depth” approach to identifying violators in your portfolio. Using advanced technology and expert analysts to monitor your merchants and confirm fraud when it occurs.


No other transaction laundering solution utilizes multiple methods to help you identify transaction laundering.


  • Catch past violators before they strike again — Use G2 Merchant Map®, the most extensive fraud and compliance database available
  • Defend against risks before they appear in your region — Ongoing monitoring with hundreds of global clients
  • Know of emerging risks sooner — Authoritative evaluation from G2 Web Services’ expert analysts

Unrivaled data and history

You don’t want to employ incomplete information to identify transaction laundering. You need to harness the data included in the G2 Merchant Map. The G2 Merchant Map is the industry’s most comprehensive database of merchant compliance and relationship information. Consisting of 11+ years of global data on tens of millions of merchants, hundreds of millions of websites and over one billion different data points, the G2 Merchant Map investigates your merchants’ compliance history as well as their relationships and other industry connections.


As part of the largest global community of Transaction Laundering Detection clients, you have a wider field of vision from which to detect new perpetrators and patterns. This data allows for a much deeper look into the connections between a “front” merchant and violating websites. Having the ability to quickly identify these relationships saves you time and better identifies violations.

Advanced technology and expert analysis

G2 Transaction Laundering Detection is the only solution that offers to all member of the payments value chain, regardless of access to the payment pages, gateways, web services or other entry points. G2 Web Services’ platform operates at massive scale, so you can quickly get started and begin taking action across your entire portfolio.


  • Prevent fraud from slowing you down — Advanced systems that operates at massive scale
  • Eliminate methods, not just perpetrators — Data science that identifies patterns through machine learning
  • Positively identify laundering and take action — Proprietary capability to catch violators red-handed

Expert analysis

Technology and data can’t do it all, however, which is why G2 Web Services uses human analysts to identify, classify and verify violations and merchant connections. These specialists are trained to quickly recognize the many factors present in a laundered transaction, speeding up the process and minimizing false positives.


Data science developed by G2 Labs speeds the detection of patterns that indicate transaction laundering in your portfolio. Data science also allows for rapid learning and adjustment as rogue actors adapt their approaches to defrauding you. With 150 years of combined analyst experience, the industry’s most skilled data scientists and a wide array of technology options, TLD provides the strongest, most complete view into transaction laundering.


For over a decade, we’ve been working with industry leaders like you to learn and predict emerging risks. This has led to a solution built on a flexible platform that allows for seamless incorporation with other G2 solutions, and options for easy setup with no integration needed — a capability unique to G2 Web Services.


  • Get started now with minimal IT support — Easy set-up with no integration; simply add the Transaction Laundering Detection solution to your current merchant monitoring
  • Gain a view of all your risk in one place — Portal-based reporting from merchant monitoring and transaction laundering

Corporate Number


Within the first month of using G2’s Transaction Laundering Detection service, they identified multiple violators in our portfolio. We were able to terminate these merchants and avoid costly fines. G2 has been tracking violators all over the world for over a decade. iPayment considered multiple vendors, but we chose G2 Web Services because they had the most comprehensive approach to detecting transaction laundering.

Marcus Smith, iPayment SVP, Risk Management

G2 contacted us after they had [discovered] non-compliant sites located in the UK. We were able to use this data to link these to merchants on our portfolio who had registered a compliant URL at the point of approval. After further investigation, we were successfully able to identify further links from our merchants to these non-compliant sites and take the required action to remove this risk from our portfolio.

Global Payments

G2 offers us the most comprehensive approach available to finding hidden transaction laundering. They help us ensure our merchants are free of concealed activity, including hidden players trying to infringe on legitimate accounts.

Dante Croupe, VP of Risk Management, i3 Verticals

G2 has historically given JetPay Payment Services a strong solution to the merchant risk review when it comes to monitoring, processing, classification and modeling. We expect a clear line-of-sight to illicit businesses attempting to use legitimate merchant accounts through G2’s new transaction laundering product. We are confident our merchant base will be kept clear of transaction laundering.

Jeff Beene, SVP of Risk Management, JetPay Payment Services

MeritCard selected G2 because they provide the best suite of services so we can detect and eliminate transaction laundering. Having worked with G2 for five years, we trust them to continually provide us the most advanced solutions.

Blake Martensen, Principal, MeritCard

G2 gives QualPay line-of-sight to unknown, illicit businesses attempting to use legitimate merchant accounts. We trust we will be free of transaction laundering to the fullest extent possible.

Stephen Prince, EVP of Operations, QualPay

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