Service Provider Sentinel identifies merchants’ third-party service providers, drives streamlined card network registration and monitors the ongoing merchant to third-party service provider relationships. This solution is focused on merchant service providers (also called merchant agents) who may store, process or transmit cardholder data — and therefore be a target for criminals.


The service accelerates compliance with card network rules and protects acquirers from the many risks associated with their merchants’ third-party service providers. Specifically, we provide proper identification and quarterly updates to verify that the third-party services providers are being compliant. This will help protect clients from escalating account data compromise attacks.

With Service Provider Sentinel you can:

Map merchant-to-third party relationships

Identifies merchants conducting e-commerce and maps the relationships between merchants and their service providers.

Get easy-to-read outputs

Graphically shows high, medium and low risk service providers in a format that is easy to read and manage.

Quickly respond to account data compromise

In the event of an account data compromise, identify the location and scope of the suspected breach by triangulating the third parties supporting multiple merchants. This service is offered through Service Provider Sentinel’s Reverse Account Data Compromise (RADC) solution. Dramatically reduce management time, costs and minimize potential fallout from breaches of cardholder data.

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