Persistent Merchant Monitoring identifies merchant website content compliance issues for acquirers, ISOs and payment service providers, and persistently monitors merchant websites for ongoing content risk. This helps to insure that payment providers remain in compliance with major card network rules, and comply with the Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation section of the MasterCard Merchant Monitoring Program (MMP). It also complies with the Visa Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP).


G2 Web Services works with our clients to determine the right method for monitoring all of the sites in their portfolios. Unique site types such as membership-only and password-protected sites may be hiding illegal content and ultimately pose a higher level of risk. In order to maintain compliance on membership sites, additional monitoring solutions are required.


G2 provides Persistent Merchant Monitoring to over 300 clients and partners worldwide, representing half the world’s merchant outlets. This global view provides unique insight into illegal content compliance activity and potential fraud across all clients, which G2 Web Services leverages to protect each client.

With Persistent Merchant Monitoring you can:

Comply with industry regulations for merchant website content

As an approved MasterCard MMP vendor and a supporting technology vendor of Visa’s Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP), G2 Web Services provides the only centralized reporting solution in the industry for card network content compliance. Persistent Merchant Monitoring (PMM) helps acquirers receive safe harbor from compliance assessments, under the guidelines of the MasterCard MMP and Visa GBPP programs. With Persistent Merchant Monitoring, you can monitor for violations of the terms of service agreements you have with your merchants. Rest assured that your merchants stay in compliance with your rules. The G2 NetView Portal can significantly reduce the time and effort required to take action when you uncover content compliance violations, in turn reducing costs and minimizing financial loss.

Achieve accurate risk reduction results

G2 Web Services’ flexible technology and pricing enable clients to monitor as few as a dozen or up to millions of merchant websites. We monitor for thousands of discrete content violations and categories, identifying and predicting potential risks to protect our clients. Custom reporting category options allow clients to monitor for violations of their own terms of service agreements, risk tolerance and brand protection targets. Each violation is flagged by proprietary G2 technology, and is double-confirmed by a G2 risk analyst and a G2 risk manager for the highest accuracy. We provide unequaled accuracy for maximum risk reduction. Our thorough knowledge of the card network rules, deep understanding of impending regulatory pressure and our highly trained risk experts provide unparalleled results.

Maximize your in-house compliance program

G2 Web Services’ unique industry-wide view allows a client to increase revenue and speed into targeted markets by balancing their existing and new merchant risk within their specific risk tolerance. Using Persistent Merchant Monitoring provides protection under the MasterCard BRAM and Visa GBPP programs, helping to avoid costly card network fines. Our partnerships with the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition (IACC), Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), key NGOs and law enforcement agencies globally provide accelerated insight and access to potential violating content. G2 Web Services’ global reach and superior technology allow clients to maximize the potential of their in house compliance departments. This saves money, increases productivity, and allows your professionals to spend more time making strategic and informed risk decisions.

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