FraudFile Monitoring helps acquirers and payment providers identify merchant fraud and potential merchant fraud at boarding, and monitors for fraud on an ongoing basis. Using the G2 Merchant Map®, this solution provides a centralized, neutral and global fraud database that helps value chain members avoid loss due to fraudulent merchants. FraudFile Monitoring provides ongoing persistent monitoring of your merchants for any fraudulent activity or connections.


FraudFile Monitoring helps to identify fraud in a timely matter, lowering chargebacks by protecting against bust-out merchants, fraud rings and other fraudulent activity.

With FraudFile Monitoring you can:

Uncover hidden fraud

Using the network effect, this solution uncovers hidden fraud by identifying links between your potential merchant and fraudulent merchants in the system.

Receive fraud notifications

There’s no need to log in with FraudFile Monitoring. We will alert you directly when fraudulent merchants are identified.

Access global fraud data

FraudFile Monitoring contains fraudulent information on merchants from all over the globe. When a participant reports a fraudulent merchant,the solution links that merchant to other related URLs, merchant IDs and acquirers all over the world. If a connection is identified in your portfolio, you will receive an alert.

Neutral fraud database

The FraudFile Monitoring database is both secure and neutral. Working with hundreds of acquirers around the globe, we do not capture cardholder data or other personally identifiable information (PII), nor do we release result details to any other party.

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