You have gone through all of the trouble and expense to board the merchants that fit your portfolio’s risk profile, and now you need to ensure those merchants continue to stay profitable. Ensuring their continued compliance with card network regulations (as well as your own terms of service) is not as simple as just monitoring their website. To find what a merchant may be hiding, you need access to a sophisticated group of solutions that give you a complete view of your merchant.


We offer a comprehensive merchant monitoring solution, built on over a decade of monitoring expertise, industry knowledge and analyst experience. The foundation for our monitoring solution is the G2 Merchant Map® consisting of over a decade of data, including tens of millions of merchants, hundreds of millions of webpages and billions of merchant data points. With this proprietary data set, G2 Web Services is able to make connections between merchants and detect changes in your merchant portfolio that other solution providers can’t. Whether you need to search for questionable site content, identify transaction laundering, map the merchant’s service providers, be notified of potential fraud or help the merchant get a PCI program off of the ground, our full suite of portfolio protection solutions can help.


While some providers offer parts of these services, and you may be able to have members of your team do some of these process, no other solution is as comprehensive and no company has more experience monitoring your merchants’ compliance. Don’t use your team’s precious resources to attempt these processes on your own, let us provide you a comprehensive view of your merchants and a more efficient way to keep your portfolio profitable.

The following are included in G2 Portfolio Protection:

G2 Persistent Merchant Monitoring

Take advantage of over a decade of monitoring experience and years of analyst expertise to monitor merchants for illegal and prohibited content.

Computer hacker stealing data from a laptop concept for network security, identity theft and computer crime

G2 Transaction Laundering Detection

Use advanced detection techniques to identify transaction laundering syndicates and quickly make connections between approved merchants and unknown merchants.

G2 Service Provider Sentinel

Identify merchant service providers and their PCI compliance status. Offers a one-to-many approach that helps classify merchants that may be affected in the case of a provider breach.


G2 FraudFile Monitoring

Instant access to a centralized, neutral and global fraud database. Receive alerts if a merchant in your portfolio is identified as fraudulent by another institution.


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