Based on over a decade of experience monitoring and analyzing merchant data for top global financial institutions, Global Boarding helps you make the most informed risk decisions possible.


Global Boarding is a flexible due diligence tool that scores merchant risk at boarding based on information from dozens of industry sources and the G2 Merchant Map®, the most extensive, proprietary merchant risk database in the industry. Global Boarding results can be viewed through the G2 portal or via API, and are customizable to your specific risk needs.

With Global Boarding you can:

Improve your boarding efficiency

A primary feature of Global Boarding is predictive risk scoring through the
G2 Compass Score®, a real-time risk assessment tool that predicts the likelihood of fraud or compliance violations with 99% accuracy. From boarding new merchants to evaluating your entire portfolio, the Compass Score provides instant, predictive merchant scoring to speed boarding process. Access billions of proprietary merchant data points and risk connections in the G2 Merchant Map with the Compass Score, and use the score to accelerate your onboarding process. Click here to learn more about how this solution can improve your boarding efficiency here.

Uncover hidden risks

Identify unseen risk using the Global Boarding checks.

Developed in partnership with the card networks, international associations and global acquiring banks, the G2 Merchant Map offers the most extensive database of merchant risk and fraud history available. Using the Merchant Map, Global Boarding helps you discover a merchant’s undisclosed businesses, links to criminal rings, past fraud and compliance violation history.


In addition, we offer four more risk checks to help analyze your merchant:


Content Compliance Review

An in-depth review of your merchant’s website to identify any illegal or brand-damaging content. This includes content that violates the card network compliance programs, such as the MasterCard BRAM program (Business Risk Assessment & Mitigation) and Visa GBPP (Global Brand Protection Program), or content that violates your terms of service.


Business Policies Inspection

Compare the information provided in a merchant application with website contact information, billing and corporate data. This is highly recommended for merchants known to have multiple websites and/or merchant accounts, and for continuity merchants.


Industry Background Report

Review the principals of your merchant’s business as identified in the merchant application against OFAC, the G2 Merchant Map and dozens of other industry data sources.


Service Provider Analysis

Classify your merchants’ third-party service providers, identifying those that are not registered with the card networks, not PCI DSS compliant, or are otherwise high risk.

Offload costly, time-consuming boarding tasks

Global Boarding streamlines the acquisition of critical information into one convenient location that provides acquirers, ISOs and PSPs with a customizable level of due diligence to make faster boarding decisions. With Global Boarding, you can offload costly, time-consuming boarding tasks, allowing your in-house compliance team to spend more time making good risk decisions.

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