Quickly identify the merchants that best fit your risk profile.


Built on over a decade of proprietary merchant-relationship data and utilizing the G2 Merchant Map®, Compass Score® provides a simple, easy-to-analyze score that helps you quickly board more merchants. The score returned is a powerful risk assessment tool that provides increased operational efficiency and further mitigates your merchant risk.


Compass Score


Now included in Compass Score is G2 FraudFile Monitoring, a centralized, neutral and global reporting solution that analyzes merchants for reported or potential fraud. FraudFile identifies links to fraudulent merchants and leads to quicker, more thorough boarding decisions.

With Compass Score you can:

Board more merchants

Compass Score helps you grow your portfolio, offering a more granular view into your merchants’ background, and allowing for more informed boarding decisions. When you add Compass Score to your current diligence process, you reduce the number of manual reviews, allowing you to focus resources where they are needed most.

Mitigate risk

Compass Score gives you access to data unavailable anywhere else: over a decade of data, tens of millions of merchants and billions of data points. By combining this unique data with dozens of proprietary and third-party data sources, the results help you quickly gain predictive insights into merchants’ likelihood of future risk. When you know the risks a merchant may or may not pose, you are able to take calculated risks, navigate complicated compliance requirements and lower the potential for fraud loss.

Process faster

A score between 0 and 1,000 is returned in real time via API or in a standalone solution. This allows you to make faster decisions while still using the proprietary or third-party system you use today.

When used as a “first check”, you can quickly identify merchants that you can immediately decline and any that need progressively deeper diligence. By using Compass Score upfront, you can significantly lower your merchant underwriting time.

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