Regulations are changing, risks are emerging and new payment methods are continuously surfacing. With the industry evolving so rapidly, it’s important to be able to quickly identify the merchants that may not fit your risk tolerance and board the merchants that will increase revenue.


Since 2004, G2 Web Services has been monitoring merchants for hundreds of financial institutions around the world. Through this work, we have amassed the most extensive fraud and compliance database in the industry, known as the G2 Merchant Map®. This database consists of over a decade of data, including tens of millions of merchants, hundreds of millions of webpages and billions of merchant data points.


The data in the G2 Merchant Map is used by the team in the G2 Labs to create boarding solutions that not only provide you better insight into a merchant’s compliance history, but also give you predictive and prescriptive results during your boarding process.


You no longer need to wait days to board a merchant. Using the G2 Boarding solutions, you will make faster, more efficient boarding decisions.

The following are included in G2 Boarding Solutions:

G2 Compass Score®

Built on a decade of exclusive merchant data, you can board more merchants, increase operational efficiency and further mitigate your merchant risk.

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G2 Global Boarding

With information from dozens of industry sources, you can gain a complete view of each merchant during the boarding process.

Corporate Number


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