New entrants and a seemingly endless array of emerging risks make it difficult for acquirers and their value chain to perform proper underwriting and continuously monitor their merchants for compliance. Industry changes add another layer of complexity and make it more important than ever to for you to partner with a company that knows merchant compliance.  With help from G2 Web Services, you can gain deeper insight into your merchant’s history and have more complete protection from merchant fraud and compliance violations. Using over a decade of merchant monitoring experience and the G2 Merchant Map®, you get the industry’s most comprehensive view into your merchants.

G2 Boarding Solutions

Make faster, better boarding decisions. Quickly identify the best merchants that fit your risk tolerance, enhance your current due diligence process with proprietary compliance data and gain valuable insight into even the vaguest merchant websites.

G2 Portfolio Protection

The industry’s most comprehensive merchant monitoring solution. Whether it is locating merchant compliance violations, mapping a merchant’s service providers, or identifying transaction laundering syndicates, you have access to the most experienced team of analysts in the industry.

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